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Led Pendant Lamp Bedroom Living Room Lamp Crystal Rgb Chrome Suspension

Led Pendant Lamp Bedroom Living Room Lamp Crystal Rgb Chrome Suspension
Led Pendant Lamp Bedroom Living Room Lamp Crystal Rgb Chrome Suspension
Led Pendant Lamp Bedroom Living Room Lamp Crystal Rgb Chrome Suspension
Led Pendant Lamp Bedroom Living Room Lamp Crystal Rgb Chrome Suspension
Led Pendant Lamp Bedroom Living Room Lamp Crystal Rgb Chrome Suspension

Led Pendant Lamp Bedroom Living Room Lamp Crystal Rgb Chrome Suspension    Led Pendant Lamp Bedroom Living Room Lamp Crystal Rgb Chrome Suspension
Led pendant lamp lounge bed chromium room rgb lamp crystal suspension. Dimensions diameter x height in cm: 30 x 150. This suspension certainly convinces with its noble design. Made of steel with its color steel and a diameter of 30 cm, this lamp delights in all living areas.

In addition, the body of this lamp is equipped with the acrylic crystal, which are a good play of light. Get a focal point in your home! You suspension - without illuminant, with the illuminant del or even with the illuminant del rgb and remote control to adjust the colors of the light- choice.

Dimensions diameter x height: 30 x 150 cm. Power supply: 220-240V; 50-60hz (hertz). This lamp is suitable for illuminants of energy efficiencies classes: a ++ - E (on a scale da ++ to e). Energy efficiency class a + (on a scale ++ da e). Power consumption: 5 kWh / 1000h.

Rated power up: 5 watts. Comparison with traditional bulbs: 5 watts - 32 watts. Lamp Current: 31 ma (milliamperes). Varying the intensity of light: no. Dimensions length x diameter: 92 x 60 mm.

Starting time up to 60%: 1 s (seconds). Boot time: 0.5s (seconds). Starting time up to 95%: 2s (second).

Material: Argentine metal, glass opal. Light color: rgb (15 colors available). Power consumption: 6.5 kWh / 1000h. Rated output up 6.5 watts.

Mercury component: 0 mg (milligram). Comparison with traditional bulbs: 6.5 watts is equivalent to 39 watts.

Ambient temperature: -20 ° C to + 40 ° C. Varying the intensity of light: yes (only illuminant). Use with a sensor / timer: yes.

Dimensions diameter x height: 60 x 120 mm. Starting time up to 100%: 0.5s (seconds).

Choice rgb (15 colors available). Varying the intensity of light with the remote control. Dimensions Width x Height: 50 x 85 mm. The pendulum lamp with icts Eastern design. The pendulum lamp made of steel in chrome color ball: has a diameter of 30 cm. The body is equipped with Many acrylic crystals, qui Makes It has special light play. Get a great eye-catcher home. DEPENDING on the selection, you can get the pendulum lamp without illuminant, with LED illuminating gold with rgb led illuminating Including remote control for white light and RGB control. Material: steel color: chrome acrylic crystals protection class: ip20 dimensions diameter x height in cm: 30 x 150 weight: 2.12 kg.

Fitting: 1x e27 lamp included: DEPENDING one choice lamp power: 1x max. 100 watt power supply: 220v to 240v, 50Hz to 60Hz. The luminaire is suitable for lamps of energy class: a ++ to E (we scale from a ++ to e). Luminous flux: 350 lm (lumen) energy consumption: 5 kWh / 1000h color temperature: 3000 K (kelvin) light color: warm white color rendering (ra):> 80 rated power consumption: 5 w (watt) rated peak light intensity: 75 cd (candela) comparison to normal light bulb: 5w - 32w energy savings: 86% rated life: 25,000 hours (hours) switching cycles: 20000x operating voltage: 220-240 v (volt) power frequency: 50 Hz (hertz) lamp current: 31 ma (milliampere) mercury content: 0 mg (milligram) nominal half-angle of 120 ° (degrees) dimmable: no. Dimensions length x diameter in mm: 92x60 start time up to 60%: 1s (second) time ignition: 0.5s (seconds) start time up to 95% 2s (second).

Details rgb led light bulbs. Luminous flux: 450 lm (lumen) energy consumption: 7 kwh / 1000h color temperature: 3000 K (kelvin) light color: warm white ra> 80% energy savings: 88% rated power consumption: 6.5 W (watt) nominal life: 25,000 h (hours) switching cycles: 12.500x operating voltage: 220-240 v (volts) power frequency: 50 Hz (hertz) mercury content: 0 mg (milligram) comparison to normal light bulb: 6.5W - 39w ambient temperature: -20 ° c to + 40 ° C dimmable: yes. Use with sensor / timer can: yes nominal half-angle: 160 ° (degrees) ØxH dimensions in mm: 60x120 start time up to 100%: 0.5 sec (seconds).

Rgb selection (15 selectable colors) color changing function: different speeds dimmable with remote control (graduated and fluent) memory function Maximum distance: 150 cm dimensions wxh: 50x85mm. We will be happy to answer your questions. We remind you that sometimes it can last a bit longer - especially during and after weekends and holidays.

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  1. marke: markenlos <\/ li>
  2. Produktart: Hängelampe <\/ li>
  3. anzahl der lichter: 1-3 <\/ li>
  4. herstellernummer: nicht zutreffend <\/ li>
  5. zimmer: wohnzimmer <\/ li>
  6. farbe: klar <\/ li>
  7. stil: orientalisch / asiatisch <\/ li>
  8. Designklassiker: aktuelles design <\/ li>
  9. material: Stahl <\/ li>
  10. mass: medium (30 cm - 70 cm) <\/ li>
  11. alter: 2000 bis jetzt <\/ li>
  12. Energieeffizienzklasse a + <\/ li>
  13. durchmesser x höhe in cm: 30 x 150 <\/ li>
  14. fassung 1x e27 <\/ li>
  15. Schutzart: ip20 <\/ li>
  16. je nach auswahl: ohne Leuchtmittel, mit LED Leuchtmittel, Leuchtmittel mit rgb led <\/ li>
  17. Besonderheit: Lampenschirm put acrylkristallen <\/ li>
  18. brand - no brand / generic - <\/ li>
  19. Type: lamp <\/ li>
  20. manufacturer part number: nicht zutreffend <\/ li>
  21. energy efficiency class a + <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Led Pendant Lamp Bedroom Living Room Lamp Crystal Rgb Chrome Suspension    Led Pendant Lamp Bedroom Living Room Lamp Crystal Rgb Chrome Suspension