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Led Ceiling Clock Guest Room Crystal Chandeliers Pendant

Led Ceiling Clock Guest Room Crystal Chandeliers Pendant
Led Ceiling Clock Guest Room Crystal Chandeliers Pendant
Led Ceiling Clock Guest Room Crystal Chandeliers Pendant

Led Ceiling Clock Guest Room Crystal Chandeliers Pendant   Led Ceiling Clock Guest Room Crystal Chandeliers Pendant

Led pendulum guest room ceiling glass crystal chandelier hanging lamp. This product page has been automatically translated.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Led ceiling suspension & B crystal chandelier hanging lamp glass. Intelligent lighting for the home. For an elegant feel, attach this large ceiling molding with a coating cascading crystal ceiling of your home. The crystal design to cut the breath combined with the chrome finish creates an effect really fascinating. This article gives a really glamorous touch and fits in any sophisticated living environment, especially in corridors or rooms. The LEDs consume up to 85% less energy and last up to 20 times longer than incandescent lamps. Compared with normal lighting, LED spotlights consume a minimum amount of power and are even lower than the lighting energy saving in terms of consumption. This protects the environment and your wallet. A lamp LED high quality energy saving is permanently installed in the lamp.

Material: Stainless steel lampshade: glass, acrylic. Degree of protection: ip20 length x width x height in cm: 65x12x24. Illuminating: 1x LED bulbs included: yes (permanently installed) light bulbs: 1x 15 watt light output 1200 lumens.

Base: LED energy efficiency class: a (on a scale of a ++ e) Luminous flux: 1200lm (lumen) energy consumption: 15 kWh / 1000h Color temperature: 4000k (Kelvin) light color: neutral white nominal consumption: 15 w (watts) nominal lifetime: 20 000 h (hours) switching cycles: approx. 15.000x line frequency: 50-60 hz (hertz) temperature range: -20 ° C to + 45 ° c dimmable: no. Mercury content: 0 mg (milligrams) starting time up to 60%: 1 s (seconds).

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Furniture storage fireplaces seats tv and other tables. Shipping Details assessment evaluation bl28112017 81064793.

81064793 1000 lm - 1,999 lm. The item \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: European Union, Switzerland.

  1. width of clause: 12 cm <\/ li>
  2. PART7: childrens room <\/ li>
  3. style: modern <\/ li>
  4. pièce4: toilets <\/ li>
  5. Part2: bedroom, living room, study, patio <\/ li>
  6. Part1: guest room <\/ li>
  7. pièce6: bathroom <\/ li>
  8. PART5: corridor / lane <\/ li>
  9. pièce9: Conservatory <\/ li>
  10. pièce8: dining room <\/ li>
  11. light color: neutral white <\/ li>
  12. light intensity: 1000 lm - 1999 lm <\/ li>
  13. PART3: nursery <\/ li>
  14. Type: suspension <\/ li>
  15. material: stainless steel <\/ li>
  16. voltage: 230V <\/ li>
  17. ean: 5053423095325 <\/ li>
  18. Features: with pendant light source <\/ li>
  19. height of Article 115 cm <\/ li>
  20. number of lights: 1 - 3 <\/ li>
  21. Surface DInstalling: in the building <\/ li>
  22. Technical lighting: LED <\/ li>
  23. length of Article: 65 cm <\/ li>
  24. Protection: ip20 <\/ li>
  25. manufacturer part number: 8857cc <\/ li>
  26. power source: hard wired <\/ li>
  27. Energy consumption: 10-24 w <\/ li>
  28. Color: silver <\/ li>
  29. time: 21.

    Centuries (2000-jetzt) ​​<\/ li>

  30. brand: searchlight <\/ li>
  31. room: living room <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    Led Ceiling Clock Guest Room Crystal Chandeliers Pendant   Led Ceiling Clock Guest Room Crystal Chandeliers Pendant