Glass Chrome Steel

Applies Brass Steel Chrome Silver With Glass 1 Luce

Applies Brass Steel Chrome Silver With Glass 1 Luce

Applies Brass Steel Chrome Silver With Glass 1 Luce   Applies Brass Steel Chrome Silver With Glass 1 Luce

Polished brass applies chromium steel with silver glass 1 luce. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Silver plated brass wall adjustable, ideal in the bathroom above the mirror or in the hallway, stairs, and again in the bedroom as full of bushes e14 led night. For economy of energy bulbs 100 watts max.

Dimensions: diameter 10 x 4 against wall plate. If you click on buy now you buy this item! Congratulations, you have a lot of things!

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    Applies Brass Steel Chrome Silver With Glass 1 Luce   Applies Brass Steel Chrome Silver With Glass 1 Luce